Step 4: Targets

Step 4: Setting CO2 emission targets

Step 4: Setting CO2 emission targets

Many, and especially small, companies would be well served to embark on specific initiatives that each contributes to reducing CO2 emissions without knowing in advance the potential total reduction.


If you, at present, do not have sufficient knowledge about the reduction potential, this should not prevent you from drawing up a climate strategy. In that case, you can start by preparing a specific action plan (see step 5 in this guide) and then later look at the possibilities of setting a quantitative reduction target.


Setting reduction targets

It may prove an advantage to some companies to publish quantitative targets for their reductions in total greenhouse gas emissions over the next, say, five or ten years. Publication commits both the company’s present and future management and may make a positive contribution to its reputation. > Read more


If you want to set specific reduction targets, you need to:

• Define the company focus area

• Define which departments and which parts of the company’s direct and

indirect emissions the climate strategy is to cover

• Define which greenhouse gases are to be included

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Calculating the base year

You must decide the year to constitute the basis of your reduction targets. Perhaps you intend to reduce your carbon footprint by 20% by 2020 compared to the year 2000. In that case, you need to calculate your footprint in 2000, which is then known as the base year.

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Determining the type of reduction targets

You should consider whether the targets are to be absolute and/or intensity targets: Absolute target: “We intend to lower our greenhouse gas emissions by 20% compared to our emissions in 2000.” Intensity target: “We intend to lower our greenhouse gas emissions per unit produced by 20% compared to our emissions per unit produced in 2000.”

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Determining the volume and long-term range of the reduction obligation

Is it 10% over 10 years or 20% over five years? This obviously depends on the possibilities of reducing CO2 emissions in your company and the business advantages that can be achieved by publishing very ambitious targets.

På Klimakompasset kan du få inspiration til at udarbejde en klimastrategi, som kan reducere din virksomheds udledning af CO2 og andre drivhusgasser.