Step 6: Implement

Step 6: Implementing the climate strategy

Step 6: Implementing the climate strategy

A host of measures can strengthen climate strategy implementation.


Coordination of activities

The responsibility for implementing the climate strategy in practice typically rests with different employees across the organisation. It is important that the person or department responsible for climate issues ensures the necessary coordination.


Extend knowledge and create incentives

A number of measures can help extend knowledge about the strategy and create incentives to reach the declared targets such as:


Department-specific targets

It might be a good idea to set targets for the individual departments in cooperation with individual department managers and regularly measure whether each department meets its target. One target could be for a department to lower its electricity consumption by 5% a month.


Individual targets

Developing individual targets for managers and employees can be a good idea and then incorporating them into employee performance contracts and reviewing them in connection with the appraisal interviews. One target could be for the employee to drive 500 meters longer per litre.


Bonus schemes

Some companies have gone as far as to introduce a special bonus scheme for energy efficiency improvements and greenhouse gas emission reductions.



The employees and departments making significant efforts to implement the climate strategy could receive recognition from management in the form of attention on different occasions. They could also receive an award or positive mention on the company intranet or website.


In-house competitions

Hold a competition between different departments to see how much energy they can save within a certain period of time. The winner could be given a prize, for example.


Capacity building

It may be necessary to update employee and manager knowledge about CO2 reductions by exchanging experience between departments and through in-house training. If the company does not have the resources to offer in-house training, you can obtain a list of some of the services available from members of the Danish Association of Consulting Engineers.

På Klimakompasset kan du få inspiration til at udarbejde en klimastrategi, som kan reducere din virksomheds udledning af CO2 og andre drivhusgasser.