Step 7: Evaluate

Step 7: Evaluating implementation

Step 7: Evaluating implementation

When you have set targets for your company’s greenhouse gas reductions and perhaps published them, it is important that you regularly check whether the required reductions are actually made.



It is important that the person or department responsible for climate issues follows up the progress made by the company and ensures that the strategy is implemented in every corner of the company.


Set sub-targets and take regular measurements

To evaluate whether the company meets its targets, it is a good idea to set sub-targets or indicators by which the company regularly can measure its performance. If targets are unrealistic, this will be discovered in time and the company can revise its targets.


Revision of action plan

It might be a good idea to revise the company action plan regularly, e.g. every six months. By doing so, you can be certain that the plan is relevant in terms of targets and new conditions.

På Klimakompasset kan du få inspiration til at udarbejde en klimastrategi, som kan reducere din virksomheds udledning af CO2 og andre drivhusgasser.