Product development

Product development

By making energy consumption a key parameter in product development, the company can reduce the emission from customer use of the products. Furthermore, the company can reduce the product carbon footprint by selecting materials emitting less CO2 in their life cycles.


Product development with a view to CO2 reductions could be relevant in terms of:


• Energy-consuming products such as electrical appliances and cars and

other products of great importance to the consumption of energy such

as windows, insulation materials and detergents for cold washing.

• Products containing materials/components resulting in CO2 emissions in

the extraction phase or the disposal phase.


Reduction potential

The reduction potential depends completely on the company’s product. Given the innovations already on the market, a huge energy savings and CO2 reduction potential lies in using energy-efficient white goods and IT equipment, etc. According to the Danish Energy Agency, Danish households can lower their energy consumption by 5-25% by buying energy-efficient appliances and lighting. Assessments indicate that consumption can be lowered by another 25-60% by 2015 thanks to innovations.


Getting started

Below follow a number of proposals for how to reduce the climate impact of using your product. One is to manufacture more energy-efficient products, and another to inform your customers of the optimum use of your products.


LCA – life cycle assessment

You can use an LCA to identify the life cycle stage at which the greatest climate impact is seen. Click the link on the right for further information about LCA.


EU energy labelling A-G

The EU has a mandatory energy labelling scheme, which applies to white goods, light bulbs and cars. On a scale from A to G, it indicates the energy efficiency of the unit. The European Commission is working to extend the scheme to include other product groups with both indirect and direct energy consumption.


Information campaigns

Some companies have started launching information campaigns on how to use their products to the benefit of both customers and climate. It is important that customers use your product in a manner that exploits all its advantages.


På Klimakompasset kan du få inspiration til at udarbejde en klimastrategi, som kan reducere din virksomheds udledning af CO2 og andre drivhusgasser.