Possible pitfalls

Possible pitfalls

Climate communication can backfire and even dent the company’s reputation if you “over-sell” its climate profile.



Greenwashing applies to companies that in different ways appear to be “greener” than they really are. Accusations of greenwashing can cause a company to appear unreliable and this may lead to negative press coverage.


Lack of information

Companies may particularly run into problems if the media are of the opinion that they do not have proper documentation or that they have tampered with data and analyses.


A skeleton in the closet

Companies openly promoting their environmental initiatives should pay special attention to whether parts of the organisation have serious environmental problems that cannot bear the light of day. Keeping quiet may backfire even though the information presented by the company is correct.


Marketing legislation

When companies release information about their initiatives to benefit the climate, it is important to be aware of any legislation applicable in the area of marketing. This is the case in both Denmark and abroad: In Denmark, the rules in this respect appear, for instance, from the Danish Marketing Practices Act, which also contains rules on good marketing practice. Some of the rules are:


• Marketing may not be incorrect, misleading or unreasonably perfunctory.

• The company must substantiate all statements

• Do not use your own ecolabels, etc.

• The company may not use statutory conditions or requirements

independently in marketing. For example, it would be misleading to state

that a deodorant spray is CFC-free as CFC gases may not be used as

propellants in spray cans

• When the company talks about is climate activities, it must add clear and

evident information about the activities in question and their results.


> Further information about the Danish Marketing Practices Act

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