Advantages of climate communication

Advantages of climate communication

The company can strengthen its reputation by being open about its climate impact and communicating actively about the initiatives taken.


Many companies still pursue a reactive climate communication strategy. This means that they only account for their climate impact to the extent that they are legally bound to do so (e.g. under the Act on Green Accounts) or when journalists approach them.


Advantages of proactive communication

A more proactive communication strategy, however, offers a range of advantages:


• The company can build up legitimacy and goodwill – and perhaps also

prevent criticism.

• Employees become proud and committed when the company receives

positive press coverage or is positively mentioned in the industry – and

perhaps among family members, friends and acquaintances.

• The company can stand out from those of its rivals which do not

communicate on their climate initiatives and boost demand for its

products in the long run.

• This can make your company even more interesting to potential investors

if they can see that you have taken into consideration the risks and

opportunities generated by the climate challenge.


Openness can prevent criticism

The companies opting for a proactive communication strategy are typically those with a positive story to tell. If your company develops highly energy-efficient products, using them as an asset in your marketing is obvious.


If your company operates in an industry which is particularly exposed to criticism on account of high energy consumption and emission of CO2 and other greenhouse gases, proactive climate communication might be a good idea. If you publicly admit that the company is part of the problem but at the same time highlight the measures introduced by the company, you may succeed in taking the edge of any criticism and preventing bad publicity.


På Klimakompasset kan du få inspiration til at udarbejde en klimastrategi, som kan reducere din virksomheds udledning af CO2 og andre drivhusgasser.