Selecting target groups

Selecting target groups

Selecting the primary target groups for company communication is one of the most important elements in a communication strategy – as is selecting the communication channels to be used.


To select the primary target groups, the company must have a clear picture of its stakeholders and their requirements, expectations and wishes for the climate work.


If you do not already know the expectations of your stakeholders for the company’s climate work, you can open a dialogue on the subject and perhaps even involve some of them actively in giving priority to your activities.


Each target group has its own priorities

Analysing the stakeholders will typically reveal that different things are relevant to different target groups.


• Retail consumers increasingly concentrate on whether the company is

known for having a green profile and whether its products seem more

climate-friendly than rival products.


• To the employees, it is a question of being proud of their workplaces so it is

important that the company can illustrate how its climate work goes hand

in hand with personal employee values and ethics.


• Regarding business customers, the company must show that it has taken

into account key reputation risks. As a supplier, you can become a burden

to customers if you become known as a company detrimental to society.


• Many investors find it important that the company can prove that it has

taken into account opportunities and risks entailed by climate change in

the long run.


Communication channels and messages are adjusted to the

target group

The target group selection is also of great importance to what media and communication channels would be most expedient to use.


The majority of companies will benefit from using the media already used for contacts with customers and employees, etc., to tell about their climate work. This can be anything from the product catalogue to the intranet.


However, climate work may also give rise to using other channels, depending on the message and target group. Some companies use job advertisements, for instance, to illustrate to future employees that they are involved in the fight against climate change.


The actual communication contents must be targeted at the specific target group and its priorities. The messages must not be the same in the product catalogue and the job advertisement.

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