Parties behind the Climate Compass

Parties behind the Climate Compass


Picture: Parties behind the Climate Compass


The Confederation of Danish Industries is a trade and employer organisation for 11,000 committed Danish companies. Its members comprise both big and small high-technology companies within manufacturing, service, knowledge and IT.


All companies share the wish to develop their companies to the benefit of employment and welfare in Denmark through corporate social responsibility.


The Confederation of Danish Industries aims for the individual company to enjoy the best possibilities of growth in sustainable interaction between employees and society.



Picture: Parties behind the Climate Compass


The Danish government is in the process of preparing a business climate strategy and has appointed a business climate panel, which, based on analyses, proposals and recommendations, will advise the government on activities and subjects related to environmental technology and the climate change conference in 2009. The Minister for Economic and Business Affairs is the chairman of the panel, and the ministers for the environment, foreign affairs, science, technology and innovation and climate and energy are panel members. Other participants are a range of organisations, companies and knowledge institutions which all have a great factual interest in the area.


The Ministry of Economic and Business Affairs generally aims at establishing optimum conditions of growth for citizens and companies in an increasingly globalised world.


The Danish Commerce and Companies Agency is an agency under the Ministry of Economic and Business Affairs. The agency fulfils the secretariat function for the government action plan for corporate social responsibility and aims at improving framework conditions for Danish companies to incorporate their work on corporate social responsibility into their business strategies and core competences. The Climate Compass represents one of the measures in the government action plan.


Website and IT providers


The website is created by B14.

Contact: (in Danish)


The system behind the Carbon Calculator is supplied by Miracle Projects A/S.

Contact: Simon Clemen Pedersen, (in Danish).

Picture: Parties behind the Climate Compass


Thinkstep AG has created the scope 3 elements on waste and purchased materials.

Contact: Jan Poulsen



Other contributors


The Climate Compass has also received written contributions and comments from a large number of other contributors. For instance, they have provided cases, knowledge about CO2 reductions, climate strategies, climate communication and GHG emissions accounting.


The Confederation of Danish Industries and the Danish Business Agency would like to thank these contributors, some of them being:


• The Danish government's Business Panel on Climate Change

• The Danish Council for Sustainable Business Development

• Advisors Rambøll, Grontmij Carl Bro and PriceWaterhouseCoopers

• City of Copenhagen

• Danish companies

• A number of climate, energy, and environment experts from the Danish universities and research institutions.

På Klimakompasset kan du få inspiration til at udarbejde en klimastrategi, som kan reducere din virksomheds udledning af CO2 og andre drivhusgasser.