Guideline to commuting

Guide to collection of data concerning commuting

With The Carbon Calculator of The Climate Compass you can calculate the carbon emission from the employees’ transportation between their homes and workplace (i.e. commuting) and include them in your calculations under the section employee transportation of the company.


Why calculate the carbon emission from commuting?

Even if the company’s influence on the employee commuting is not as direct as the influence it has on the company’s business travels, it could still be relevant to calculate the carbon emis-sions from the employee commuting. As such, the company is not completely without influ-ence on the extent of commuting, but can indeed contribute to reducing the environmental ef-fects of this type of transportation.


For instance, the choice of the company’s geographic location could be important. Locating the company in a sparsely populated area far away from the homes of most employees could affect the amount of carbon emissions from commuting as compared to locating the company in a more densely populated area.


Through different initiatives for the employees, the company can actively contribute to reduc-ing carbon emissions caused by commuting. This could be by organising initiatives such as “carpooling” for commuters or by encouraging or directly supporting the choice of public transportation and cycling rather than car driving.


How do you calculate the carbon emission of employee commuting?

Under the section Employee commuting at The Carbon Calculator you type in information about the total distance of the employees’ commuting by the different means of transportation (for the current period of the calculation). In case of commuting by car, you also type in infor-mation about the average fuel consumption.


The entry requires that the information in question has been gathered among the employees. You can do this for instance by sending out a questionnaire to the company’s employees. To support the collection of data, a spreadsheet (Microsoft Excel) is available with which it is pos-sible to calculate the key figures to be entered into The Carbon Calculator. You can obtain the spreadsheet by clicking on the link under the section Employee commuting.


What information about commuting should be gathered among the employees?

For each employee you collect information about commuting by car and by public transporta-tion, respectively. As it is possible to make a calculation for a period of your own choice (whole months), you are recommended to base the collection of data on the average commuted distances (km) per month (e.g. observed over the calendar year).


For commuting by car, you should gather information about:

•The distance travelled between home and the work place (km).

•The type of fuel that is used (petrol or diesel)

•The car’s average fuel consumption (km/L)

•The average number of drives per month.

•The average number of passengers in the car per drive.


For commuting by public transportation, you should gather information about:

• Which type of public transportation is being used (ferry, bus, S-train, Metro IC / IR trains and international trains).

•The number of kilometres travelled between home and the workplace in each type of public transportation.

•The average number of rides per month for each type of public transportation.


Settle the accounts: Enter the results from the spreadsheet into The Carbon Calculator.

You are requested to enter the total amount of commuting for the whole company (i.e. all em-ployees) into The Carbon Calculator of The Climate Compass. For public transportation, you enter the total distance (in kilometres) for each type of public transportation. Equally, for commuting by car, you enter the total distance (in kilometres pr. passenger) and the average fuel consumption of petrol and diesel respectively.


Entry of data into The Carbon Calculator:

Picture: Guideline to commuting

With the spreadsheet you can calculate the relevant values based on the gathered information. You use one spreadsheet for commuting by car and another for commuting by public transpor-tation.


Please note!

The Carbon Calculator does not automatically take into account the number of whole months in the period that your specific calculation covers. So, remember to multiply the monthly re-sults with the number of months that your calculation covers, before you enter the numbers into The Carbon Calculator.

Guide to collection of data concerning commuting
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