Having the GHG emissions inventory verified is worth considering. A verified inventory can strengthen the reliability of your climate initiatives.


Once you have prepared an inventory, you should consider having it verified. This means that an (impartial) third party prepares a statement based on a review of the inventory and the definitions and assumptions made. This can strengthen the reliability of your climate initiatives and thus make it easier to use it for marketing purposes.


Part of the verification process can comprise an inspection visit by the verifying third party. This is known as an audit. In this way, it is possible for the verifying third party to form an idea of the systems and data collection methods launched by you.


Once you have calculated your company’s carbon footprint, you can go one step further and formulate a strategy for reducing the footprint and consider specific measures to reduce CO2 emissions. You should consider how to communicate this to the surrounding world.



På Klimakompasset kan du få inspiration til at udarbejde en klimastrategi, som kan reducere din virksomheds udledning af CO2 og andre drivhusgasser.